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GSPM Factor

1-World-class reputation and accreditation.

We are the first university in Latin America to have a program accredited by the GAC (Global Accreditation Center), in both blended and online modalities, and in two languages:   English and Spanish.  We were also the first university in the region to obtain recognition as R.E.P. (Registered Education Provider), since 2001.

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2-Solidity and applied experience.

International experts, who manage projects all over the world, form an important part of our teaching team. Ours is a top-level program that responds to today’s complex paradigm of project direction and management.

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3-Education and innovation for the XXI Century.

Our student´s experience and the needs of our societies are the starting points for the design of our programs. We strengthen direct relationships between knowledge and the development of skills in the human talent. Our Virtual Platform has evolved in excellence and continuous improvement for more than 15 years.

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4-A superior graduate degree.

GSPM’s Master in Project Management program is much more than a certification. It provides a real competitive advantage in the professional career of an expert in projects. The «GSPM experience» positions our graduates in charge of global development.

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5-An intelligent and planned investment.

GSPM has world-class programs at accessible prices*. The School understands that increasing the number of professionals in project management is the most certain and concrete way to promote the world´s sustainable development.

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6-A global vision with infinite local possibilities.

The development of the knowledge society, the management of an integrated world economy, the protection of biodiversity, and the progress of the inhabitants of a remote population, are all achieved through the execution of thousands of projects every day. .

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