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This course will introduce the concepts of Sustainable Development, Ethics, Philanthropy and Social Responsibility. It will also establish why Social Responsibility should be integrated into Corporate Strategy, in order to support the company’s main business activities, explicitly seeking to avoid damage and promote the well-being of stakeholders by complying with the law and voluntarily going beyond it.

The students will analyze the International Standards, Global Principles and Initiatives as the key instruments that organizations can adopt, as defined by Green Project Management in the PRiSM Methodology, to incorporate, measure and control the impact of project processes and deliverables on the environment, society, the corporate bottom line, and the local economy.

It is also designed to prepare the students to obtain the GPM® Certification known as GPM-b®, the Knowledge-based certification, as well as to inspire them to continue their professional development towards further achieving the GPM®, the competency-based Professional Level Certification, and GPM-m®, the competency-based Master Level Certification.

Based on the existing agreement between GPM and UCI (University Partner Agreement), whether the participant already has a certification in Project Management (such as the PMP® certification from PMI®) or is an advanced student of the MPM program (at the Corporate Social Responsibility course level or higher), he/she meets the requirements to comply with the Recognition of Prior Learning Policy from GPM.  This gives the participant the opportunity to obtain the Green Project Manager level b (GPM -b) certification by approving the CSR course’s final exam, without the need to take the regular certification exam, which is an exam of 150 questions and covers, besides the specific topics of sustainability in projects, also general topics about Project Management Knowledge Areas.


  • Sustainable development, ethics, philanthropy and social responsibility.
  • Responsibility of the company to society.
  • Key challenges in CSR strategy and sustainability management.
  • International Guidelines and Standards.
  • The Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.
  • The Global Reporting Initiative: Sustainability Reporting.
  • The Triple Bottom Line.
  • The PRiSM Methodology.
  • The PRiSM Pre-Project/Initiation Phase.
  • The GPM® P5™ Concept.
  • The P5™ Impact Analysis.
  • The PESTLE Analysis.
  • The Sustainability Management Plan (SMP).
  • What to include in an SMP.
  • The Project Sustainability Objectives.
  • Key Measures and Performance Indicators.
  • Stakeholder Management and Organization Roles.
  • The PRiSM Planning Phase.
  • The PRiSM™ Executing and Controlling Phase.
  • The PRiSM™ Closure Phase and Reviews.
  • Requirements to GPM-b Certifications.

General objective:

After completing the course the student will be able to properly use the concepts and tools of Corporate Social Responsibility in the context of sustainable development, through the implementation of methodologies and approaches from Green Project Management as tools to achieve sustainability in Project Management.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Explain the main concepts related to social, environmental and economic sustainability, as well as the components and regulations associated with Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Explain the 5 “Ps” of Sustainability in Project Management and the Impact Analysis Matrix to determine the Triple Bottom line of the Project.
  • Develop the Sustainability Management Plan (SMP) as an integrated part of the Business Case, including corporate sustainability governance, regulatory compliance, and goals and objectives.
  • Pass the exam in order to achieve the Green Project Management entry Level (GPM-b®) Certification.

General information:

  • Certificate of approval: a certificate of approval for 40 academic hours is given to participants who pass the course with a minimum grade of 70.
  • Modality: online.
  • Duration: 5 weeks.
  • Investment: US $600. A 10% discount applies for people from organizations that UCI has agreements with. A 5% cash discount  applies if the tuition fee is paid at least 22 days before the opening date of the course. For MPM graduates, the course investment is US $350.
    • The certification exam cost is US $200 and it must be covered in addition of the course price. All amounts must be paid to UCI, for which specific indications are provided by writing to info@ucigspm.com
  • Additional benefits: GSPM will provide digital copies of the GPM® Reference Guide to Sustainability in Project Management.


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