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This Costa Rican chamber was born in 1998, and is currently integrated by about 200 companies. This set allows for a strategic block to strengthen and support the digital technologies sector in Costa Rica, a key tool for offering innovative and updated programs in Project Management.

Under the slogan «Costa Rica: Green and Intelligent», CAMTIC is the main organization in the technology sector and the only one in Central America covering all subsectors of digital technologies.

Chaired by Alexander Mora, the projects and cooperation office reputes CAMTIC’s leadership role with strategic positions in institutions such as the Latin American Association of Information Technology Entities (ALETI), the International Federation of Multimedia Associations (IFMA) and the World  Alliance of Information Technology and Services (WITSA).

CAMTIC plays the role of integrating and effectively representing the information and communication technologies sector, with the state, providers and international organizations, as an institutional guarantee seal.

For more information, please visit:  http://www.camtic.org/