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Evolving the discipline of project management


“A graduate degree for life”. The discipline of Project Management is expanding in the international markets, due to the growing need for qualified professionals who are capable of leading change projects, whatever the field of economic and social activity involved.  It is essential that all members of project teams and other professionals acquire tools, skills, knowledge and abilities in order to maximize their contribution as agents of change, under the concepts of efficiency, globalization, innovation, quality and sustainability.

The Global School of Project Management (GSPM), at the University for International Cooperation (UCI), is committed to the formation of leaders and entrepreneurs, who can develop successful projects for the benefit of communities, countries and regions where these projects are undertaken.

Its mission is to be an international and multidisciplinary program of high added value, dedicated to the training of professionals in good project management practices to support the construction of an intelligent society with universal ethics.

Its vision is to be recognized as a center that researches, innovates, teaches and practices the professional management of projects to support the regenerative and evolutionary development of an inclusive, complex, diverse and changing society.

More than 140 generations of students from four continents show the impact of our program in the world, and they now contribute to improve the quality of life in societies where they interact.

Through the diffusion of good practices in project management, our virtual platform, our Laboratory of Virtual Educational Production, and a multidisciplinary and internationally experienced body of teachers, we offer a more pertinent and accessible education.

Integral development. The GSPM experience marks differences in the lives of our graduates. On the professional level, they acquire a set of tools for operating and managing success in their businesses and organizations. Our programs are flexible and adaptable to any professional area and to any sector of socio-economic activity.

Since projects are part of the life of all people, the preparation in this subject area is essential to reach success with greater confidence in any endeavors to be undertaken. The School contributes to this goal by providing the necessary learning experiences.

Just as building a road, starting up a factory into operation, changing an information or accounting system are projects, so are buying a car, buying a house and pursuing a master’s degree. Everything moves forward through projects. GSPM offers its students the tools to achieve a better quality of life and a better professional performance.

Find out your door to the future in one place. What is your next project?